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Interface ImportDescriptor

All Superinterfaces:
EssenceDescriptor, InterchangeObject, PhysicalDescriptor
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
BWFImportDescriptor, ImportDescriptor

public interface ImportDescriptor
extends PhysicalDescriptor

Specifies the description of a file essence source that is not directly manipulated by an AAF application.

Typically, an import source mob is the source of a file source mob, where an application had imported a file by application-specific means.

Richard Cartwright
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Methods inherited from interface tv.amwa.maj.iface.EssenceDescriptor
appendLocator, appendSubDescriptor, countLocators, countSubDescriptors, getLocatorAt, getLocators, getSubDescriptorAt, getSubDescriptors, insertLocatorAt, insertSubDescriptorAt, prependLocator, prependSubDescriptor, removeLocatorAt, removeSubDescriptorAt
Methods inherited from interface tv.amwa.maj.iface.InterchangeObject
countProperties, createOptionalPropertyValue, disableGenerationTracking, enableGenerationTracking, getDefinition, getGeneration, getGenerationAUID, getProperties, getPropertyValue, isGenerationTracked, isPropertyPresent, omitOpionalProperty, setPropertyValue

Media Authoring
with Java API

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