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Interface TypeDefinitionWeakObjectReference

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MetaDefinition, TypeDefinition, TypeDefinitionObjectReference
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public interface TypeDefinitionWeakObjectReference
extends TypeDefinitionObjectReference

Specifies the definition of a property type that defines an object relationship where the target of the weak reference is referenced by the object with the property with the weak object reference type. Only objects that define a unique identification (AUID or MobID) can be the targets of weak object references. In an AAF file, an object can be the target of one or more than one weak references.

This property type is known as a weak reference. For example, a reference to a data definition of this type is called a "WeakReference to DataDefinition" in the AAF object specification and may also be represented as "WeakReference<DataDefinition>". Both these styles of type name can be used to return a strong reference type definition from the factory function AAFFactory.typeDefinitionForName(String).

Note that the target list property of a weak object reference type definition is not exposed through this interface. This property will be maintained automatically by the MAJ API.

Richard Cartwright
See Also:
makeTypeDefinitionWeakObjectReference(), TypeCategory.WeakObjRef, TypeDefinitionWeakObjectReference

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