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Class TypeDefinitionInteger.IntegerValue

  extended by tv.amwa.maj.meta.TypeDefinitionInteger.BaseIntegerValue
      extended by tv.amwa.maj.meta.TypeDefinitionInteger.IntegerValue
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public static class TypeDefinitionInteger.IntegerValue
extends TypeDefinitionInteger.BaseIntegerValue
implements PropertyValue

Method Summary
 Integer getValue()
          Returns the value of the property through a generic Java object interface.
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Method Detail


public Integer getValue()
Description copied from interface: PropertyValue

Returns the value of the property through a generic Java object interface. Alternative type-specific access methods are provided in each type definition.

For example, for a property value of a UInt32 type, this method returns an Integer. Values will need to be cast to appropriate types by the application. The value returned may be null, which may indicate that an optional property was not present.

Specified by:
getValue in interface PropertyValue
Value of this property.
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