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Annotation Type VideoLineMap

public @interface VideoLineMap

Labels an integer array (Java int[]) with 2 elements used to represent a video line map property. The video line map property is defined for digital image descriptor objects.

The video line map property is necessary for images that are derived from or will be converted to video (television) signals. For each field, it describes the mapping, relative to the sampled view in the digital essence, of the digital image lines to the analogue signal lines.

The video line map specifies the relationship between the scan lines in the analogue signal and the beginning of the digitized fields. The analogue lines are expressed in scan line numbers that are appropriate for the signal format. For example, a typical PAL two-field mapping might be {20,332}, where scan line 20 corresponds to the first line of field 1, and scan line 332 corresponds to the first line of field 2. Notice that the numbers are based on the whole frame, not on offset from the top of each field, which would be {20,20}.

A value of 0 is allowed only when computer-generated essence has to be treated differently. If the digital essence was computer generated (RGB), the values can be either {0,1} (even field first) or {1,0} (odd field first).

Original C name: aafVideoLineMap_t
C base type: aafInt32[2]
Java base type: int[]

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Media Authoring
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