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Package tv.amwa.maj.record

Specifications of representations of structured values, such as those of the AAF record data types.


Interface Summary
AUID Specifies a 16-byte unique identifier whose value is a SMPTE 298M Universal Label or a UUID or GUID.
DateStruct Specifies the date component of timestamp values that are specified according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
DefaultFade Specifies the optional default audio fade properties of a composition mob, which are either all present or all omitted.
EdgecodeValue Specifies a value that represents film edge code information.
Fade Specifies a value that describes an audio fade operation associated with a source clip in terms of its fade in and out lengths and types.
MobID Specifies a 32 byte mob id unique identifier that can hold a SMPTE UMID, as specified in SMPTE 330M.
MultiCreateItem Specifies an element of an array used to create interleaved audio and video essence.
MultiResultItem Specifies an element of an array containing multiple result values from an operation to read one or more channels from an interleaved data stream.
MultiXferItem Specifies an element of a transfer array that is used when reading one or more channels from an interlaced data stream.
ProductVersion Specifies the version number of an application, represented with four release levels and its product release type.
Rational Specifies a rational number by means of a Java integer numerator (Int32) and a Java integer (Int32) denominator.
RGBAComponent Specifies an element of an array representing the order and size of the component values within a pixel value as part of an RGBA Layout.
SourceReferenceValue Specifies a reference to a clip of source material, specified by material identifier, slot number and start time offset components.
TimecodeValue Specifies videotape or audio tape timecode information.
TimeStamp Specifies a date and time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
TimeStruct Specifies the time component of date and time values specified according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), including hour, minute, second and 1/100th of a second.
VersionType Specifies a 2-byte unsigned version number, consisting of a major and minor component.

Package tv.amwa.maj.record Description

Specifications of representations of structured values, such as those of the AAF record data types. Property values of the record type consist of values for an ordered set of fields, where each field has a name and type.

Most of the interfaces in this package have implementations in either the embeddable or argument packages. The reasons for this are:

Included in this package are:

A generic means of mapping the public fields of any Java class to an AAF record type definition is provided by the createValueFromObject() and getObject() methods of a record type definition.


The interfaces defined in this package are derived from structures defined for the C-based AAF SDK in file "AAFTypes.h". The structure has been converted to a Java interface with every element of the C struct represented by a pair of get and set methods.

For example, the AAF rational data type is defined in the AAF SDK by the following structure:

    typedef struct _aafRational_t
        aafInt32           numerator;
        aafInt32           denominator;
    } aafRational_t;

This has been translated to the Java interface called Rational as follows:

    public interface Rational {
        @Int32 getNumerator();
        void setNumerator(@Int32 int numerator);
        @Int32 getDenominator();
        void setDenominator(@Int32 int denominator);

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