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Interface EdgecodeSegment

All Superinterfaces:
Component, InterchangeObject, Segment
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public interface EdgecodeSegment
extends Segment

Specifies the storage of film edge code information.

See the section on naming conflicts in the package documentation.

Richard Cartwright
See Also:
makeEdgecodeSegment(), EdgecodeValue

Method Summary
 EdgecodeValue getEdgecode()
          Returns the edgecode value stored by this edgecode segment.
Methods inherited from interface tv.amwa.maj.iface.Segment
segmentOffsetToTC, segmentTCToOffset
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appendAttribute, appendAttribute, appendComment, appendComment, appendKLVData, countAttributes, countComments, countKLVData, getAttributes, getComments, getDataDefinition, getKLVData, getLength, removeAttribute, removeComment, removeKLVData, setDataDefinition, setLength
Methods inherited from interface tv.amwa.maj.iface.InterchangeObject
countProperties, createOptionalPropertyValue, disableGenerationTracking, enableGenerationTracking, getDefinition, getGeneration, getGenerationAUID, getProperties, getPropertyValue, isGenerationTracked, isPropertyPresent, omitOpionalProperty, setPropertyValue

Method Detail


EdgecodeValue getEdgecode()

Returns the edgecode value stored by this edgecode segment.

Edgecode value of this edgecode segment.
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Media Authoring
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