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Interface Filler

All Superinterfaces:
Component, InterchangeObject, Segment
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public interface Filler
extends Segment

Specifies an unspecified value for the duration of a component.

If a filler segment is played, applications can choose any appropriate blank essence to play. Typically, a video filler segment would be played as a black section, and an audio filler segment would be played as a silent section.

Richard Cartwright
See Also:
makeFiller(), Component.getLength()

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface tv.amwa.maj.iface.Segment
segmentOffsetToTC, segmentTCToOffset
Methods inherited from interface tv.amwa.maj.iface.Component
appendAttribute, appendAttribute, appendComment, appendComment, appendKLVData, countAttributes, countComments, countKLVData, getAttributes, getComments, getDataDefinition, getKLVData, getLength, removeAttribute, removeComment, removeKLVData, setDataDefinition, setLength
Methods inherited from interface tv.amwa.maj.iface.InterchangeObject
countProperties, createOptionalPropertyValue, disableGenerationTracking, enableGenerationTracking, getDefinition, getGeneration, getGenerationAUID, getProperties, getPropertyValue, isGenerationTracked, isPropertyPresent, omitOpionalProperty, setPropertyValue

Media Authoring
with Java API

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