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Annotation Type CompArray

public @interface CompArray

Labels an array that specifies the order in which the RGBA components are stored as an array of characters. Each element in the array represents a different color component. The array can contain the following codes, as specified by the enumeration RGBAComponentKind:

Each code, except '0', can appear no more than one time in the array. The array is terminated by a 0-valued byte and has a maximum of 8 elements (including the terminating character). Note that a character with the Unicode '0' indicates no component and a byte with a Unicode NULL terminates the string.

Note that in Java, this is represented by creating an array of RGBAComponent objects rather than characters.

Original C name: aafCompArray_t
C base type: aafInt8 *
Java base type: tv.amwa.maj.record.RGBAComponent[]

Richard Cartwright
See Also:
RGBALayout, RGBAComponent, RGBADescriptor, RGBAComponentKind

Media Authoring
with Java API

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