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Package tv.amwa.maj.exception

Specific exceptions thrown due to exceptional behaviour during the execution of method calls from the MAJ API.


Interface Summary
MAJException Interface implemented by all exceptions that are specific to the MAJ API.
NewForMAJ This interfaces labels new exceptions introduced for this Java implementation of the AAF class model.

Exception Summary
AdjacentTransitionException Thrown when an operation on a sequence would result in two adjacent transitions within that sequence.
AlreadyOpenException Thrown when an attempt is made to open an AAF file that is already open.
AlreadyUniquelyIdentifiedException Thrown when an attempt is made to add a property to a class definition described as a unique identifier when the class already has a registered property that is a unique identifier.
BadCloseException Thrown when an attempt is made to open a file that has not yet been closed.
BadLengthException Thrown when an out of range length value is set for a component or fade in the current context.
BadOpenException Thrown when an attempt is made to perform an operation on a random access file that is not currently open.
BadParameterException Thrown when a lookup operation fails because the given parameter cannot be found in a known collection of values.
BadPropertyException Thrown when an optional property should be omitted in the current context.
BadRateException Thrown if an unacceptable edit rate is set for a source mob's slot.
BadSampleOffsetException Thrown when an offset into a segment or some file-based essence, specified by timecode or frames, is out of range.
BadSizeException Thrown when an array is not of the required number of elements.
BadTypeException Thrown when a method call on an object in the meta dictionary passes in the wrong type of property value as a parameter.
ContainerWriteException Thrown when writing to a data container fails.
DataSizeException Thrown when it has not been possible to allocate the requested or necessary amount of space for data storage.
DuplicateEssenceKindException Thrown when an attempt is made to add an essence kind to that supported by a codec definition that is already listed as supported by that codec.
DuplicateException Thrown when an attempt is made to add an element to a set that is already contained in that set.
DuplicateMobIDException Thrown when an attempt is made to add essence or metadata to content storage when information with the same mob id is already stored.
DuplicateParameterException Thrown when an attempt is made to add a parameter to an operation group that is already a parameter for that group.
EndOfDataException Thrown when an attempt is made to read beyond the end of a data stream.
EssenceNotFoundException Thrown when an attempt is made to remove some data from content storage that is not contained within that storage.
EventSemanticsException Thrown when an event is used in the wrong context.
FilmDescriptorOnlyException Thrown when an attempt is made to add an edgecode slot to a source mob that does not reference film essence.
GenerationMethodNotSupportedException Thrown when the generation of a mob id is requested with a kind of generation method that is not supported.
IllegalPropertyException Thrown when a given property definition is illegal within the context of an interchange object.
IllegalPropertyValueException Thrown when a parameter to a method call of an object is outside the acceptable range or of the wrong type for that object in its current state.
InconsistancyException Thrown when an inconsistency occurs when searching an essence group.
InstanceOverflowException Thrown when the instance generator of a mob id overflows.
InsufficientSpaceException Thrown when not enough space is available on the filing system to save data to a file.
InsufficientTransitionMaterialException Thrown when appending or inserting a given component to a sequence will result in insufficient material for the adjacent transition.
InvalidDataDefinitionException Thrown when an inappropriate data definition is used within the context of a method call.
InvalidLinkageException Thrown when traversal of the content in an essence group is not possible due to an invalid link.
InvalidMobTypeException Thrown if the given mob kind is not appropriate for a search operation.
InvalidParameterException Thrown whenever a method call parameter contains a value that is invalid in the current context.
LeadingTransitionException Thrown when the result of an operation would make the first component of a sequence a transition.
MobNotFoundException Thrown when a given mob identified with a mob id cannot be found.
NoHeaderException Thrown when a file does not contain a header object.
NoMoreObjectsException Thrown when a given parent of a tagged value definition is not known and so cannot be removed from its list of parent properties.
NotAnInterfaceException Thrown when an interface, represented by a Class instance, to be implemented by a new class instance is not a Java interface.
NotImplementedException Thrown when a method is called that is not implemented in the MAJ API.
NotOpenException Thrown when an operation on a file cannot take place because the file is not in an opened state.
NotReadableException Thrown when a raw stream is not open and/or available for reading.
NotSourceClipException Thrown when adding a pulldown reference to a source mob that does not contain a source clip.
NotTapeMobException Thrown when a request is made to find the name of a tape associated with a master mob which is not describing tape-based material
NotValidKeyException Thrown when creating a KLV data key that does not map to a built-in type.
NotWriteableException Thrown when it is not possible to write to a file on the filing system.
ObjectAlreadyAttachedException Thrown when an attempt is made to attach an item to a collection that it already contains.
ObjectNotAttachedException Thrown when an interchange object is not attached to a header object.
ObjectNotFoundException Thrown when a given object cannot be found in a collection, such as when a request is made to remove the item from the collection.
OffsetSizeException Thrown when a given offset exceeds the size of a file or the available space to extend storage for a file.
ParameterNotFoundException Thrown when a parameter to an operation cannot be found from its parameter id.
PositionOutOfRangeException Thrown when a given position, specified by frame count or timecode, is outside the the length of the referenced stream.
PropertyAlreadyPresentException Thrown when an attempt is made to create an optional property for an interchange object when a property with the same definition already exists for that object.
PropertyNotPresentException Thrown when an attempt is made to read the value of a property that is omitted from an interchange object.
PulldownDirectionException Thrown when an invalid pulldown direction is specified in the context of a source mob.
RationalRangeException Thrown when a rational value is outside of the acceptable range in a given context.
SegmentNotFoundException Thrown when a given segment cannot be found within the segments of a selector.
SingleChannelOpException Thrown when an attempt is made to write samples into an essence stream that contains interleaved data.
SlotExistsException Thrown when an attempt is made to add a slot to a master mob where the given slot id already exists.
SlotNotFoundException Thrown when a mob slot cannot be found within a mob.
StreamFullException Thrown when a stream has insufficient capacity to complete the requested write operation.
TapeDescriptorOnlyException Thrown if an operation relating to tape-based material is called on a source mob that does not describe tape-based material.
TimecodeNotFoundException Thrown when a given timecode or offset is not available within a segment or mob.
TraversalNotPossibleException Thrown when a search operation cannot proceed.
TypeNotFoundException Thrown when a key cannot be resolved to a type definition.
WrongOpenModeException Thrown when an attempt is made to save data to a file that was not opened for writing or other modification.

Package tv.amwa.maj.exception Description

Specific exceptions thrown due to exceptional behaviour during the execution of method calls from the MAJ API. These exceptions are loosely based on the result codes in the C-based AAF SDK.

Design approach

This API is designed to provide AAF support using a design similar to that used by other Java APIs. The methods in the MAJ API interfaces package are designed to be similar to the methods in the C-based AAF SDK COM interfaces, as specified in file "AAF.idl". Rather than using in and out arguments with methods returning a result code, as defined in the COM interfaces, the MAJ API treats all method arguments as inputs:

The following sections describe the approach taken to implementing result codes in a Java style in the MAJ API.

Reuse of Java exceptions

Wherever possible in this API, Java's built in exceptions are used, such as those defined in the java.lang package. For example, instead of an AAF_NULL_PARAM result code being returned when an error due to a null pointer occurs within the execution of a method, the MAJ API throws a NullPointerException instead.

Where an AAF result code is a special kind of an existing built in Java exception, an exception is included in this package that extends the built in exception. For example, BadLengthException extends IllegalArgumentException as it represents the unexpected state where a given length value is illegal for a particular method call.

AAF-specific exceptions

If no direct link to an Java built in exception can be identified, an AAF-specific exception is provided in this package that either directly extends Exception or RuntimeException. All such exceptions implement the MAJException interface. The choice for whether the exceptions are runtime exceptions or not is made as follows:

Many of these exceptions can be linked to AAF SDK result codes, as listed in "AAFResult.h". Where this is the case, the description of the exception includes the equivalent result code.

MAJ-specific exceptions

Certain exceptions have been introduced for behaviour specific to the MAJ API. These exceptions implement the NewForMAJ interface.

Separate package for exceptions

A separate package has been used for the exceptions of this API as they are class implementations rather than interfaces. At the same time, these exceptions form a core part of the implementation-independent interfaces in the interfaces package. So that the interfaces can be distributed and managed separately from the implementations provided in this API, this separate exceptions package has been created.

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