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Interface SearchSource

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public interface SearchSource

Specifies a search for source information of a slot in a master mob or source mob.

Richard Cartwright

Method Summary
 List<FindSourceInformation> searchSource(int slotId, long offset, MobKind mobKind, CriteriaType mediaCriteria, OperationChoice operationChoice)
          Returns the source information for a slot in a master mob or source mob.

Method Detail


List<FindSourceInformation> searchSource(@SlotID
                                         int slotId,
                                         long offset,
                                         MobKind mobKind,
                                         CriteriaType mediaCriteria,
                                         OperationChoice operationChoice)
                                         throws NullPointerException,

Returns the source information for a slot in a master mob or source mob. The method follows the source clip references in the specified slot until it encounters the kind of mob specified in the mob kind parameter.

This function cannot be used on a composition mob and is not intended to be called iteratively.

slotId - Slot to find source information for.
offset - Offset into the slot.
mobKind - Kind of mob to search for.
mediaCriteria - Media criteria to match in the search.
operationChoice - Operation choice.
List of source information matching the given search criteria.
NullPointerException - One or more of the arguments is null.
InvalidMobTypeException - The given mob type is not valid.
TraversalNotPossibleException - A mob of the given kind cannot be found.

Media Authoring
with Java API

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